Friday, July 29, 2011

A Mother's Love

Today, my friend sent me a link to a wonderful editorial about motherhood. It speaks of the selfless love that is required of a mother and how the world so often directly and indirectly opposes that kind of love. I am by no means a perfectly, selfless mother so the article challenged and encouraged me. I hope you might also read it.

Because we are close to bringing our daughter Melia home, of course my thoughts went to her after reading the article. You see, Melia has some known congenital heart defects. That "known" information can seem overwhelming if I let the world influence my passion and emotions. After all, it might seem to some like a lot to take on. But, it is only because it is what is known. The unknown is in God's hands. Her future, however many days and years she has is in the hands of a faithful Father who says He IS love. He can not operate out of anything but love for my family, my children, because He IS love.

And, the reality is that all my days, all my other childrens' days are unknown to me, but known by this good, loving God that I have come to trust. He says, and I believe Him, that He goes before all things and in Him all things hold together (Col 1:17). He says that He empowers us to labor and struggle with all His energy which powerfully works in us (Col 1:29).

Because of the hope in Him and the love from Him I joyfully labor in the opportunity to pour out myself for one of my callings...motherhood. I rejoice because I have discovered over time that dying to myself, living like Christ, actually brings blessing, joy and peace. So, with a thankful heart for the overflowing love I give thanks for...

966. Jacob's caution 967. Riding a roller coaster with Mr. Adventure, Zac
968. Hallie choosing to be with us over friends
969. Ryan's spontaneity...Adventureland on a Tuesday!
970. Melia's inquistive look in the picture I stare at each morning.

971. That God knows the future and is love

972. A full day of patients at work

973. Talking about gratitude journals with one of my patients

974. A phone call from Hallie, her voice on the phone

975. Listening to my kids endless thanks over lunch.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Listing my thanks...

951. Air Conditioning

952. A Family swim
953. The Gulps
954. Five Horners snuggling in bed and listening to Ryan read a story
955. The ache that comes with loss
956. Phone call from my mom
957. Peaceful mornings
958. Grandparents at swim meets
959. New school clothes
960. Trying new foods
961. Fresh fruit
962. Watching a movie with Ryan
963. Reading a good book
964. All three kids listening to a story on CD together in the backseat
965. Rediscovering toys in the basement

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


941. Boys flying down the hill on their bikes with no hands on a summer day

942. Kids mesmerized by a book on CD in the car
943. Swimming with my kids
944. New pictures of Melia
945. Grandparents that took Zac on a special vacation and made him feel so special
946. Being a prayer partner for my parents at the Royal Family Kids Camp next week
947. Fried potatoes with my grandmother's seasoning
948. Surprise treat with my kiddos at Red Mango...their smiles
949. Daddy teaching an impromptu swim lesson over the lunch hour
950. Cuddling with all three kids on the couch after we all woke up after 8:00 a.m.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

What will we do without Hannah?

Our dear, sweet Hannah is moving out next weekend. We are wondering what we will do without her around. Here is an example of how helpful she can be...

We have a wonderful video of Melia that our agency sent us. In it Melia is kicking her legs and excited about a song that one of the caretakers is playing on her phone for Melia. We thought it would be so cool to have that song in our itunes for her when she comes home, but how in the world were we going to find a Chinese song?

In walks Hannah with an app. She enlightens us with Shazam! She just puts her phone up to the speaker on our computer and within 20 seconds a youtube video of the song pops up. We copy and paste the Chinese name into itunes and download of the song we were looking for.

Hannah you are so cool!

Below is a video of the song. By the way, Hallie practically has the song memorized, in Chinese!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

All Grace...

931. The ache in my heart for Melia

932. My cousin Nick's grin
933. Big boys and big fireworks
934. Watermelon to celebrate the fourth
935. Holding Hallie's hand
936. Strong bond of family
937. Sending pictures to Melia
938. Discovering God's goodness with Amy and Beth
939. Ryan's funny faces
940. Laughing cousins in a tub of bubbles at Grammy's house