Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Thank God for Sick Days

I'm constantly refining and relearning the purposeful act of giving thanks at all times and in all circumstances.  The Lord reminded me just yesterday in 1 Thes 5:18 that it is His will that I give thanks in all circumstances.  I am thankful to be thankful, that He is giving me eyes to see Him in all things.  Truly, eucharisteo, the sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving for undeserved grace, brings joy!

Yesterday I was sick, Hallie was sick, the boys were sick...sick, sick, sick!  Let me tell you how thankful I am for sick days...

~slowing down
~Hallie home from school, snuggling on the couch
~painting toenails
~her hands playing with my hair
~each of us doing devotions on the couch together
~reading our books together on the couch in quiet
~Her book choice, "Little House in the Big Woods"
~cleaning out her closet together
~laundry done (all of it, for at least 4 hours)
~Zac's bravery at the dentist.  Two teeth pulled without a tear
~medicine to lessen pain and an amazingly skillful dentist
~Jacob's attitude.  He rarely complains.
~Watching Jacob construct lego masterpieces at the after school club
~Our home.  Quiet, safe, peaceful
~Phone calls from Ryan throughout the day.

I keep thinking that God is training my heart and mind to think about things above, not earthly things so that I might keep the faith no matter what this life throws at me in the future.  I am thankful he is training me to rejoice, be filled with joy and celebrate Him even on sick days.  Yesterday sure was great!